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Eating Fresh

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Fresh Healthy Café is an innovator and the absolute leader in the booming healthy fast-casual food industry. Today’s customer has an insatiable, growing appetite for nutritious, delicious food and drinks, unlike the unhealthy fare offered by other quick-service food franchises. We are perfectly positioned to meet this demand, providing our guests with an extraordinary health experience unlike any they’ve ever tasted

Delicious and Nutritious

We are proudly committed to serving the freshest food around! Since the beginning our belief is, the healthier the better. We've set ourselves apart by creating inspiring flavors and sourcing the highest-quality ingredients we can.

Nutrient-Rich Fuel

We do our best to fuel you with delicious, nutritious calories. For example, our Kale Vegetarian Wrap is packed with 2 times the recommended daily value(DV) of Vitamin A & C, not to mention healthy doses of Calcium, Iron and Folic Acid!

A Healthy Alternative to Typically Unhealthy Fast Food

Our mission is to provide our customers with fresh and healthy alternatives to typically unhealthy fast food. We use natural, pure ingredients, as well as superfoods packed with nutrients and vitamins to benefit your mind and body.

Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly

At every single one of our locations our goal is to meet and exceed our customer's diverse nutritional needs. Whether you're on a gluten free diet, vegetarian or vegan we have healthy and delicious food and beverage selections for you.

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Fresh Healthy Café

Tired of today's fast food culture? Well, so are we, and we're doing something about it in a big way. FRESH is constantly searching the world for the healthiest ingredients for our menu. Other healthy restaurants may have a flashy name but at FRESH we're all about quality and health. Pure and premium is the best way to describe our food and drinks. To top it off, we serve all of our food and drinks in ecofriendly cups and containers so you and our environment can look and feel great.

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